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The Best Energy Solutions for your Business 

Save up to 30% on your Electric Bill                                     

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Is your Electric Bill to high?

Are you Paying too much for your Electricity?

If you have answered yes to Both or one of these questions,D&D Energy Solutions can help you....

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• Committed to Integrity in a volatile energy market

• Offering innovative, long-term strategies for energy procurement in Texas

• Customizing Energy Services contracts to fit the needs of the consumer and the prevailing energy rates.
• Providing prompt, professional service in a neighborly manner at no direct cost to the consumer.

The Choice

The Freedom

The Knowledge

 The Power

D&D Energy Solutions has chosen a select number of REPs that consistently meet our goal to obtain the lowest rates and the most favorable terms for our Clients

You are free from the constant rate hikes (twice a year) from your incumbent REP

Knowing the pitfalls of the market and avoiding financial risks is the main reason D&D Energy Solutions clients seek our advice

You have the power to make a positive change to your energy liability.

Save up to 30% on your Electric Bill!!!!!

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