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Make the Switch!!!

First, you need to select a retail electric provider that meets your needs.

 After you have signed up with a new electric provider and they have accepted your order, your new electric company will mail you a Terms of Service agreement and Your Rights as a Customer. You do not need to contact your current provider. Your new electric provider will make all of the necessary requests. They will contact ERCOT and your TDSP (wires company) to process the switch from your current provider.

 You will then receive a notification of your switch request in the mail. The actual changing of electric service should take place on the next meter read. Your old provider will continue to send you bills until you have paid in full and your service has been changed over.

 Once you have paid the final bill from your old electric company, you should start to see bills from your new electric provider.

 Congratulations! You have exercised your power to choose and made the switch.

Save up to 30% on your Electric Bill!!!!!

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