Oklahoma City Roofing Contractors — 3 Signs You Need a New Roof

3 Things That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Oklahoma Roof

oklahoma city roofing contractors, Roof repair oklahoma city OKHaving to replace a roof can be very expensive no matter which of the Oklahoma City Roofing Contractors you use. Because of that, we try and hold off on replacing our roof for as long as we can. However, there are conditions that happen which indicate that you need a new roof as soon as possible, whether or not you want to. Is this your situation? Here are 3 signs that you need to replace your roof.

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Dips in the Roof.

If you stand back away from your house, it is quite simple to spot dips or sags in your roof. What you are looking for is parts of the roof that seem to sag below other areas. These could indicate either swelling from moisture or rot in the structure of the roof. Both of these conditions indicate that it’s time to replace your roof. Your roof should be completely flat surface. If it isn’t, then roofing materials have a difficult time sticking and moisture can easily build up, damaging your roof. For these reasons, if your roof has dips, then it’s time to replace your roofing.

Damaged Shingles.

One sign that your roof has neared the end of its lifespan is curling shingles. When shingles have lost their UV coating it is more likely that they will begin to curl. If you are finding a lot of shingle granules in your gutters and on the ground below your eaves, that is also an indicator that your shingles are due for replacement.


If you repair a leaky roof, you might be able to stretch the life of your existing roof. However if the leaks seem to be getting bigger or growing in number, then you are better off replacing the roof altogether. Some leaks are easier to find than others. For example, a pool of water on your floor is obvious, but also check for discoloration of your ceilings. Moisture buildup from a leaky roof could cause your ceilings to turn brown in spots.

There are a lot of considerations in deciding whether to repair or replace your roof. It’s best to consult a few experienced roofing contractors to guide you in making this important decision. Alway check their reputation online before picking a roofing contractor.

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